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Recently, the new edition of General William C. Lee, Father of the American Airborne, was launched in General Lee's hometown and at the museum that has tastefully recreated his life and the history he made.


Publishing is all about marketing. What we are attempting to do is create a "buzz" (interest) in the revision of the General William C. Lee biography for the widest possible distribution. The idea of the book revision from its original publication of ten years ago came about mainly for the high school kids in General Lee's hometown so they might know how great he was. As with all books, the simplest process becomes anything but simple.

I'm really proud of the book and think that the timing of it is really the best. And, for anybody who is interested in the slightest way about military history, this will be quite an addition.

I have known about General Lee all my life; As a boy, I listened to the lessons about him in history class and passed by the historical marker in front of his home(now the General William C. Lee museum) every morning when I went to school. But, wandering through his museum(while on a visit back home) and reading his Rendezvous With Destiny speech got the fires burning to get involved with the museum or do something to help promote his legacy. It was then that a good friend suggested a book.


Part of the difficulty was that we really didn't have much material. Someone suggested that General Lee's nephew had lots of the general's papers and photographs during his military career. When I contacted him, he was not very enthusiastic. There's a long history which I'll not relate to you.

Through an odd set of circumstances, we were able to have access to the nephew's treasure trove of General Lee material. Old photos with General Lee and Eisenhower and scores of historical "players" in the great drama of WW II and of the development of the airborne, make the book into something special.


When the original General William C. Lee, Father of the Airborne, Just Plain Bill, won the prestigious "Biography of the Year," it really was like winning an Oscar. The Revision is more compact, easily handled with all the relevant material of the original, but with a succinct and powerful summary of who General Lee really was and the greatest of the man. This is not a small thing with all the speculation and mystery surrounding how this NC farmer became the Father of the American Airborne.

This latest edition is laced with his speeches and very relevant to today. Our leaders would do well to read what he had to say.


There's actually a company that recruits volunteers to create buzz about products, books, whatever. And, it works. Why? People are enthusiastic and have the experience of having used a product or read a book and they are eager to tell their friends.

What we desperately need are legions of those who love the military, history, and the airborne creating "buzz" for us. Our goal is getting the memory of General Lee into the mainstream. He deserves it and has never been recognized for his great contribution to the victories of WW II.

In today's American military, anytime a young soldier goes to jump school at Fort Benning, joins an airborne unit, wears those silver wings upon his chest or sings an airborne song, General Lee's legacy lives because these young soldiers are participating in the very training that Lee put together when the airborne was created and the American Airborne was virtually nonexistent before General Lee's involvement. Help us get the word out. jda

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Jan 30 2006
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