Review by Jay Johnson: The Denial Of Aging by Dr. Muriel R. Gillick

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The Denial Of Aging
For those of us who spend a good bit of time talking about the subject, The Denial Of Aging is a must read.

However, if you are looking for a nice warm and fuzzy read on a lazy Sunday afternoon in front of the fire, forget it! In fact, my wife finally gave up on it; she thought it was too depressing. I didn't see it that way at all . The book, in my opinion, conveys simple realism!

The Denial Of Aging is a fascinating book, even if I have to occasionally fend off accusations that I'm fixated on being prepared to die.

Dr. Gillick's book is rooted in cold hard facts. If anything, it sugar coats "the denial" a little too much for me. The thesis of the book is that drug manufacturers, doctors, patients, and their families are all factors in the denial of aging.

The pharmaceutical industry has a whole bevy of drugs that it advertises and is ready to dispense for any perceived ailment. The doctors either are pressured or are willing to give patients medicine and tests they don't necessarily need which are suspect as to their helpfulness. Patients and their families are a major part of the problem; they ask for these medicines and tests.

Let's face it, we are in denial of aging , sickness, the end of life, etc.; it all adds up to a type of unintentional collision-no matter what we do, we are aging and death is inevitable. Yes, we can prolong life and our quality of life possibly with good eating habits and exercise barring genetic factors; but, again, death is inevitable.

What is it about our culture that refuses to accept the fact that there comes a finite time when we are all meant to "hit the road?" The denial of aging translated means that there is also a time to die, a very natural process
April 06 2006
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